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About Us


We understand what you’re going through. And we’ll do whatever it takes to get you back in action. Such as offering flexible hours in most cases, we can see you within 24 hours and we work with virtually every insurance company.To provide the highest quality one on one individualized treatment to patients in a unique patient focused and goal oriented environment.Our unparalleled patient services allow mutual respect and care to foster relationships.



Why Physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a health care specialty involved with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore maximal functional independence to each individual patient. Physical therapists strive to identify the causes of one’s condition to successfully treat patients. Assessing and modifying faulty mechanics and posture is paramount to the therapists at TherapyCare.

Physical therapists use a wide variety of modalities and techniques to regain function. Heat, cold, electricity, joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, gait and balance training, and customized therapeutic exercise programs are often used to expedite recovery in the outpatient setting.